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     Casey Anthony murdered her 2-year old baby, in the late afternoon of June 16, 2008. She left the residence with Caylee’s body hidden in the trunk of her car where it remained for the next four days. She then concealed the body at a second location.

Five days later, Casey dumped Caylee’s body down inside of an overgrown, swampy lot amongst bags of garbage and debris. There was an increasing foul odor inside of her car. Two days later, Casey abandoned the car at an Amscot Financial Center.

Casey was on the run for 31 Days. She was in hiding at her new boyfriend’s apartment (Tony Lazarro). Her parents (George and Cindy) and longtime friends did not know of or had ever met Casey’s new boyfriend. During the 31 Days on the run, Casey told her parents she and Caylee were in Tampa, then in Jacksonville, Florida.

She was arrested on July 16, 2008. Casey was declared indigent and the State would pay for her defense. Jose Baez became her attorney the next day.

D&A were retained by the Baez Law Firm (the defense) to conduct an investigation into the case of The State of Florida, Plaintiff vs. Casey Marie Anthony, Defendant.

On Friday July 25, 2008, nine days after Casey was arrested, my agency began investigating the matter for the defense. 


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                 Jose Baez, March 28, 2011:

"The defense is going to make the strategic decision to waive any and all privilege as it pertains to Mr. Dominic Casey . . . Speak freely.”  

  "This case was not about forensics-it was about common sense." 



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